The Revolution to Restore the Republic of the United States

On November 5th 2013 WE THE PEOPLE will march on Washington DC peacefully and unarmed to arrest all members of congress, the president, and all supreme court justices where they will be held without bond until a full independent investigation and trial have been completed. We must re-elect our government within 90 days in order to stave of unrest.

First of all please know that this is not a Protest

This is a Citizen Action.

We need to organize a citizens arrest of all parties involved in the various criminal acts that have put our country as well as our world in jeopardy. This is going to be a lot of people but none the less it must be done. Hopefully there are some Sheriffs, US Marshals, and military personnel that will remember their oaths to this country upon the taking of this action by the people and lend their support and expertise in bringing known criminals to justice.

What we must do.

The time has come. There are many, many reasons as to why it has come to this but the most important ones are as follows:

First of all it should be perfectly clear that the voting system is not only rigged but also criminally negligent in the handling of our elections from at least 2000 if not further back.

Secondly it should be abundantly clear that the US government has declared war on the American people via such illegal acts as the Homeland Security, Patriot, and National Defense Authorization acts as ALL of the aforementioned acts violate the plain English of the Constitution in one way shape or form.

Third the Supreme Court has failed us in their duty to hear such Constitutional violations much less put a stop to them.

Fourth the President has made himself dictator through various presidential signing statements.

Fifth the US Government has allowed corporations to give orders to America via wars of aggression for resources as well as the many bank bailouts which essentially amount to strong armed robbery of North America as well as the rest of the world.

And finally the police, military, courts, politicians, etc. have failed us in their duty to protect us from tyranny and to have stopped this tyranny from ever having taken hold in the first place.

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  1. dlucas050 says:

    This has been my fear for a long time. The Gov acts as if the American Citizens are their sheeples, not the other way around. I think the Congress should take a helluva pay-cut for one thing. They are living it up on our dimes. It’s bullshit that we are out here with no jobs and losing homes and they are still acting as though they are untouchables. We need to start electing our People! Get rid of a lot of those old people in Congress. They have been there too long, and they are in the pockets of all the Corporations we do not like. Wake up sheeples and smell the Freedom that awaits you. Debra


  3. I love your post on marchondcnov5th. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Glen says:

    Are you going to arrest the past administration too? Bush, Cheny, Greenspan, or is this just for Obama’s term? I need clarity, Where were you 6 years ago? This better be straight up, I am sick of the shit that gets spread on this internet… I believe I read all on this site, where is the mention of arresting Bush and Cheney? because if you don’t, I am not with you….

    • yes, we will be arresting the Bush Administration too…but to do this, we must first gain the power back of our governance, so we may pursuit the Bush administration and all other factions that have committed crimes against Humanity..

      • George says:

        Marchon your post is disconcerting. Are you at the core of the movement? If so, it seems that the focus is too broad and not dealing with the most immediate lawlessness and impending threat of a socialist takeover and therefore vigilantly in nature. If so, I’m out.

    • scott says:

      this is just the beginning!!! Any movement has too start somewhere. Dont worry about Bush or cheney or anyone else atm. Get them later :)))))

    • George says:

      Stay away Glen, your post indicates your not a very deep thinker and therefore dangerous.

  5. Jerry Drake says:

    Will there be buses Coming from various cities around the nation?

  6. Jerry Drake says:

    Or somebody organizing buses ,Carpools?

  7. Mick says:

    Is everyone meeting in one spot or all over DC. I heard it would be near the Washington Monument.

  8. Melanie Knits says:

    Incredible! Thank-you, love & light to all involved. We must be the change we wish to see in the world.

  9. Speed says:

    Don’t forget the Clintons;because Hilly has a big title now and has done more to take our means of defense from us than anyone in history,and just because Billy was IMPEACHED doesn’t mean he’s not STILL doing all he can to destroy our Country. I think Alcatraz would be a great place to put them all once they’re convicted. We could sell tickets to ride past and stare at the criminals who ALMOST destroyed the greatest Country on Earth.

  10. savinia says:

    That both of our major parties are an absolute disgrace begs a simple question; Why? To blame it on greed and a moral breakdown is much too simplistic and does not get at the root of the problem. The fact of the matter is that there
    are forces at play outside of our elected government that prey on We the People by preying on our elected officials. These forces are the true root cause of all the problems besetting our nation today: the economic woes, the divisiveness, the political stagnation, and more. Make no mistake about it folks; this hidden establishment owns both the known establishment and through it us, We the People.
    This is why you cannot keep playing the establishment’s game. You will see how the deck is stacked against you. You can’t win! The only time the Government does anything for We the People is when they have to throw us a bone to keep us in line. It is like a line dance folks. With George W. Bush in the White House, you did the Texas two step for eight years until the economic crash woke you up a bit. You are now railing about Obama and Company. I repeat — both parties are an absolute disgrace. They are unwilling to serve the real powers that be, We the People. They are unwilling to confront the external forces that are taking this country down. Playing the same game with different players will not accomplish what must be done.
    The message of this book is clear: You need to take a long hard look in the mirror if you want your country, nay, your freedom, back.

  11. sgtbarrett says:


    • The Declaration of Independence which was adopted by Congress states that when a tyrannical government takes seat its our responsibility to throw it out and start a new. That doesnt mean we have to throw out the Constitution but the only way we can get rid of these people is to end our government and then restart it as they are above the law and own all of the courts. I personally would like to see the Constitution re-instated after we get rid of the criminals. As far as who gives us the authority, that would be our creator, whom ever or whatever you believe that to be.

  12. jeff jackson says:

    i”ll meditate for it.

  13. Ryan Race Gamble says:

    If we succeed, it begins.
    If we fail, it begins.

    Giddy with anticipation…

  14. AB says:

    to find out who is behind your problems, search for who benefits from your suffering, connect the dots. And you shall arrive to the truth shores. Just act fast before it’s way too late to recover

  15. gift economy says:

    Yea – BUT WE NEED HORIZONTAL SOCIAL STRUCTURE without leaders. each one of us has to be a leader – voting is delegating of own poitical power to others – keep your power for yourself (do not vote – BE THE POWER¨
    GIFT ECONOMY = planting free wiki-trees in parks, school yards, public space…= free food = firtst step toward FREEDOM – using & creating FREE STUFF is the best weapon against their profit based system
    PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY means that you are your own boss = you can write your own laws = diplomatic imunity to each one of us!
    Voilà : horizontal social structure & GIFT economy & PERSONAL sovereignty = the solution against slavery

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is all well and good, I love the enthusiasm and the purpose behind it. But honestly, between everyone sitting at home lazily reading it and supporting the notion, how many of you are actually willing to lay down your life for this cause? You honestly believe you’re going to be let anywhere NEAR these buildings with the intention of performing a citizens arrest on the United States Government? You couldn’t perform a citizens arrest on a 10 year old shop lifting a snickers. I mean honestly, you think a peaceful march on Washington with the intention of arresting Congress is going to actually work? You put up the Constitution and your new Declaration, you are not colonial revolutionaries, you will not lay down your lives for this cause, because you have cushy homes and lives to go back to. When the law enforcement starts tear gassing your sorry asses, well see if you start pulling out your weapons and firing back. Like i said, im all for the cause, I dont believe our government has done right by the people because it is not for the people anymore, but lets be honest, you cant honestly believe this is going to work.

  17. Keith says:

    I have only one thing to say to those who participate and that is “good luck.” Chances are that when you storm Congress and the White House, everyone will be off on a vacation courtesy of our tax dollars. The only people that will be there to meet you will be hundreds of thugs in riot gear with their clubs in hand ready to crack skulls. Personally, I would give anything to see all these crooks get their just desserts but I don’t think this is going to happen on November 5 unless you have a well-armed and well-equipped army and the politicians decide to stay in town. But since you publicized your intentions, chances are they won’t be there when you arrive. Sorry to be cynical on the matter but I’ve been around to know a pipe dream when I see one.

  18. Draven says:

    We have let our government become too powerful already.. I’m am in support of this movement but it will take hundreds of thousands of people for this to actually work.. The streets of DC would have to literally be flooded with people and I don’t see that happening between now and November 5th.. Subsequent marches and a true rallying of the people in support of this would have to be achieved. I’m sure that it soon will as we see around the world in other countries like Egypt and Syria, people are getting tired of their governments delegating their lives at a personal level. Revolution is a right of any civilization and I firmly believe that a new beginning for the United States is close at hand.. People don’t realize that this country is still very young in comparison to the rest of the world.. It has grown too fast and we need to slow this train down before we crash.

  19. B K says:

    We need to be bigger, we need to get THIS out to more people…. How?? I don’t know exactly, I need to think about it, but we all need to think about it, how can this word be spread more, everyone i know in my work facility none of them have enough guts to do anything like this, which is the entire problem of the people in the US. No balls to stand up for what is right, it’s easier to look the other way and let someone else do it, but when everyone has that mentality, NO ONE does the RIGHT thing…. Thoughts? Ideas?? Lets all talk.

  20. If it doesn’t work, fine. Once gets some word out. People take notice. Do it again. More people notice. And again. And again. It wasn’t the first day they got what they wanted in Romania back in the day, or in Egypt etc. the last couple years. The Tea Party put over a million people in DC twice and they just yawned. Occupy made a splash nation wide and they yawned. One of these times they are going to be caught sleeping and The People are going to be heard.

  21. Canter says:

    I am all for this. Anyone coming from Long Island who is willing to help a vet get there?

  22. Diane Raezer says:

    I wish I could be there , I will be there in Spirit , Praying and watching . And Trusting that all goes well. Watch out for the infiltrators, I heard that they have already been placed in the group. they will be the ones that start the violence, and then the whole group will be blamed for it.. God Bless

  23. Jeff says:

    I understand the strong desire and need to overthrow a kangaroo government. I do believe this is a kangaroo government. Their has to be an interim government on stand by if you ate to keep law and order while ousting the current administration. Secret service on presidential detail may have a different opinion of the arresting group, so be prepared for an altercation. The tree of liberty needs to be watered from time to time, it’s been too long. I don’t believe you’ll succeed but best of luck to you

  24. yoda420 says:

    the ones who do not have transport, and are not on facebook, what about them?

  25. Anonymous Represenative says:

    I will be attending on Nov 5th 2013.

    Your invited to join the “Massive National Protest”

    I also invite you and millions of others to protest each U.S. State Capital, the White House and the Federal Reserve building on June 7th-8th, 2013. This will be an historical protest event that millions of citizens and non-citizens will be participating in. This protest will last 36 hours and starts June 7th at 8am until June 8th at 8pm. The purpose of this protest is to occupy, make your concerns known, talk to media, show the worldsatisfied with their representations of American citizens and that our protest will not end until they are

  26. If you go unarmed you are sheeple being led to slaughter. Our military personnel take a solemn oath to defend the US and the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Domestic enemies are now in the White House. It is time foir the mil to take them out with a predator drone strike, just like Obama HAS ALREADY USED ON US CITIZENS. The arrest of a rogue government is the job of the military not you. I am suspicious of your motives if you are against US corporations as they are owned by 90 million citizen stockholders in retirement funds, etc., not by war profiteers. No corps are making big bucks on these little anti-terror ops as you need a big shooting and bombing war to sell and use billion of bullets and bombs and order thousands of planes, tanks, trucks, humvees, and ships. Obama has ordered a billiom hollow point pistol bullets which are illegal under the Geneva Convention to use against enemy soldiers, but they can be used against us. YOU HEAR THAT MIL PERSONNEL?

  27. Bimbam says:

    Why we must fight? (And the simple remedy to cure it.)

    I have a theory and I think it’s true. I have been mulling over what a liberal is and why they do what they do. It may sound sophomoric and trite but I think it has to do with “spoilt-brat” syndrome and I’m not kidding.

    They actually want a revolution, they actually want a beating! You see, if you look at most liberals they had life easy, too easy. Everything was handed to them, most hardly worked hard at all. (Not all who lived privileged lives are like that, of course, because some were never given the opportunity to become spoilt brats by truly caring parents).

    If you examine most, if not all liberals, you will see most had vastly privileged lives. They cannot believe how stupid people are to put them in such undeserved positions in life! Thus, the typical adolescent and seemingly atrocious, ungrateful behavior they display for all to see.

    They cannot believe what is so easily lauded on them while the rest of us trudge through life. Honor, riches, come so easy so they develop a certain guilt. A guilt that makes them wonder why they have not been punished like the rest of us.

    So they do the most outrageous things. Things that people like you and me cannot understand the eventual SELF-DESTRUCTIVE behavior they want to give everyone. They actually want you to give them a beating so much that they impose this behavior on the rest of us. The more the merrier.

    I read somewhere once that teenagers said they actually wanted their parents to discipline them when they went awry. Thus the outrageous behavior. The proof of love was needed in the discipline. Remember the story about the bully kid who dared you to knock the block off his shoulder? Well, these spoilt brats are now all grown up daring you to knock their atrocious political agendas off their shoulders now.

    Look at your typical teenager. Is that not a liberal life? Everything is handed to you? No worry about food or shelter? No need to find work? See the similarities between liberal behavior and a teenager?

    Understanding this, you can see liberals were born to be a thorn on the side of society. Their behavior need not rile you anymore if you look at it as “spoilt brat” syndrome, even though they are adults now.

    NOW YOU KNOW THE REMEDY. Give them the beating they want and they deserve to preserve THEIR SANITY! Poking them so they see this is not a fairy tale to them at all (the good undeserved life.)

    So by beating, I mean we must fight and confront all their nasty agendas and put up with when we realize it is not stupid at all, in a way, only that they want the beating they never got in life and NOW WANT because of, yes guilt! So clobber them!

    So be mean, be firm, never give in, but most of all give them the secular whacking they need and want not feel no compunction, guilt, or anger about. It does take getting off that couch, however.


    Do not be afraid. They all are liberals with spoil-brat syndrome and actually want to be arrested, want to be clobbered. We must carry through and do our duty lest we all suffer under this common but easily corrected malady.

    And by not doing nothing we are being complicit in their outrageous behavior and may even show we approve of it! We must not send such a signal. And besides it is OUR right, and an esteemed obligation to remove a government being run by spoilt-brats and is no longer serving the people and is destructive.

  28. No one here says:

    November 19, 1969: March on Washington against the Viet Nam War. About 4:30 PM outside the Justice Department about 150 of us were surrounded by men wearing body armor and carrying what looked like machine guns. Remember Kent State. They then gassed up, most likely hoping for an hysterical stampede so they could start shooting. But that’s not what happened. Our group came with doctors and nurses from Lincoln Hospital, we were taught what to do if we got gassed. People walked away, saying “walk don’t run”, avoiding a panic. I was sure I was about to get shot that day. You think there is safety in numbers? Far from it. You think a “peaceful” protest will prevent injury and/or death to protestors? No, it won’t. Get ready. Be prepared. Just saying.

  29. chemomary says:

    Will be watching for credibility, developments,

  30. Bill says:

    This can not wait until Nov.this needs to happen now,to many people will die if they wait that long

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