Armed or Not Armed?

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

We The People

must understand that our rights are being taken away from us. And one of those rights is to bear arms when facing opposition, whether it is a burglar or even the Government.

The Question we get most is:  Do We Come Armed or Not?
The answer is: it is up to you!


This March is a peaceful organization of a citizen’s arrest, but we all know that the government will not go down without a fight. And neither will we.

Q: How are we supposed to arrest government officials if we are unarmed?
A: If we have large enough numbers nothing is impossible.
The Colonies defeated the British with only 3% of the population being loyal to the rebels.

Q: Wont they just arrest or shoot us?
A: Yes they will attempt to arrest or shoot us but they are already doing that at many protests around the country. If we can gather just 3% of the  population at the Capital this amount will be far too many for them to be able to arrest or shoot easily. Lets hope they are stupid enough to try and arrest or kill that many Americans as we believe this will bring the Oath Keepers, sympathetic military, and general armed populace to our aid securing the moral high ground with the people.

Q: Wouldnt an armed revolt be a better idea?
A: In this case no. They only know how to fight armed people. They only understand how to control violent attack as when they are attacked they can claim the moral high ground as it has been with the last few illegal wars claiming Iraq and Afghanistan had been a threat to the US.
The Hopi Indians have defeated the US government in this way as a Hopi will not attempt to stop one from killing them. Through this tactic the US government has found it difficult to find mercenaries to kill a group of people who would not fight back.

Q: Should we not fight back if they begin murdering or arresting us?
A: We are not suggesting that we not ever fight back in the face of violence. We are merely suggesting that this action remain peaceful until the government becomes violent and begins arresting or shooting the people. This is when we will call upon the armed populace, Oath Keepers, and military to protect us.

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  2. […] Ha llegado el momento. Hay muchas, muchas razones de por qué se ha llegado a esto, pero las más importantes son las siguientes: En primer lugar, debe quedar perfectamente claro que el sistema de votación no sólo está manipulado, sino también por negligencia criminal  desde al menos 2000, si no más atrás. En segundo lugar, debe quedar muy claro que el gobierno de EE.UU. ha declarado la guerra al pueblo americano a través de estos actos ilegales,  como la Homeland Security,  Patriot y Autorización de Defensa Nacional actúa como todos los actos mencionados violan la llanura Inglés de la Constitución en forma unidireccional o forma. En tercer lugar, la Corte Suprema nos ha fallado en su deber de escuchar tales violaciones constitucionales y mucho menos poner fin a las mismas. En cuarto lugar, el Presidente se ha hecho a sí mismo un dictador a través de varias declaraciones presidenciales firmadas. En quinto lugar, el Gobierno de EE.UU. ha permitido a las empresas  dar órdenes a los Estados Unidos a través de las guerras de agresión de los recursos, así como los rescates bancarios  que muchos esencialmente equivale a un fuerte robo armado de América del Norte, así como el resto del mundo. Y por último, la policía, el ejército, los tribunales, los políticos, etc nos han fallado en su deber de protegernos de la tiranía y  ha dejado a esta tiranía actuar en vez de tomarla retenida desde un primer momento. Más información: Knowledge is Power Our Declaration The Plan – A Manifesto Frequently Asked Questions Open Message to Police and Military Armed or not Armed? […]

  3. The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. -Thomas Jefferson (

    The above quote is only a primer, there are plenty more reasons why citizens should or rather must have the right to be armed. You have the right to protect yourselves.

    Having said that, priority is body armor instead of arms. This will give you some protection and maybe even afford you enough time to take cover if you come under fire.

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