Armed or Not Armed?

We The People

must understand that our rights are being taken away from us. And one of those rights is to bear arms when facing opposition, whether it is a burglar or even the Government.

The Question we get most is: Do We Come Armed or Not?
The answer is: it is up to you!


This March is a peaceful organization of a citizen’s arrest, but we all know that the government will not go down without a fight. And neither will we.

Q: How are we supposed to arrest government officials if we are unarmed?
A: If we have large enough numbers nothing is impossible.
The Colonies defeated the British with only 3% of the population being loyal to the rebels.

Q: Wont they just arrest or shoot us?
A: Yes they will attempt to arrest or shoot us but they are already doing that at many protests around the country. If we can gather just 3% of the population at the Capital this amount will be far too many for them to be able to arrest or shoot easily. Lets hope they are stupid enough to try and arrest or kill that many Americans as we believe this will bring the Oath Keepers, sympathetic military, and general armed populace to our aid securing the moral high ground with the people.

Q: Wouldnt an armed revolt be a better idea?
A: In this case no. They only know how to fight armed people. They only understand how to control violent attack as when they are attacked they can claim the moral high ground as it has been with the last few illegal wars claiming Iraq and Afghanistan had been a threat to the US.
The Hopi Indians have defeated the US government in this way as a Hopi will not attempt to stop one from killing them. Through this tactic the US government has found it difficult to find mercenaries to kill a group of people who would not fight back.

Q: Should we not fight back if they begin murdering or arresting us?
A: We are not suggesting that we not ever fight back in the face of violence. We are merely suggesting that this action remain peaceful until the government becomes violent and begins arresting or shooting the people. This is when we will call upon the armed populace, Oath Keepers, and military to protect us.

  1. Keith says:

    As I said earlier “good luck.” History shows again and again that such actions only invite a massacre. For example, 1770: The Boston Massacre; August 21, 1863: Lawrence, Kansas; December 29, 1890: Wounded Knee S.D.; September 10, 1897: Mining riots in Pennsylvania; August 8, 1944: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising; May 4, 1970: Kent State, Ohio; January 30, 1972: Derry, Northern Ireland “Sunday Bloody Sunday”; June 4, 1989: Tianaman Square, Beijine, China; Examples of protest with insurrection in mind that went very badly. I hope you succeed but History proves otherwise, unfortunately.

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