Open Message to Military and Police

This is a message for all those that have taken a solemn oath and or vow in service of their country.

For this we salute you. We commend your courage and commitment to serve a cause greater than yourselves.

There is no greater Honor than to be in service for what you may believe in.

Therefore, it is Our sad duty to clarify some oaths that are of grave concern.

For those men and women, who have taken or about to take this oath:
“To support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, Foreign and Domestic;
that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. ”

To our Brave and Loyal Soldiers for the People of the United States

These are times of great peril.

The entire planet is on the verge of a great precipice from which we may not return. With your solemn oath, comes a great responsibility. We are calling upon your sense of Duty and Justice to implore, beg and demand that you, as an autonomous being, establish the Truth of your own understanding.

Heed our words, the Constitution is under immediate and direct threat from agents both foreign and domestic.To be clear, it is your duty to identify and recognize this threat.To be clear, it is your duty to develop strategies and employ necessary tactics to prevent this enemy
from advancing.
We need your help.
We need your Courage.

If there was a greater cry for Truth, Honor and Vengeance for the citizens of the United States,

this is the time.

Join us

March on DC November 5th, 2012



  1. gift economy says:

    Dear Army, Dear Police Forces

    I OFFER YOU to start working FOR FREE for your local community – help us plant FREE WIKI-TREES, WIKI-VEGES … in parks, public space …your wages will be FREE FOOD.. later, FREE SHELTER, FREE MOVE, FREE MINERALS (oil, gold…) for you and to 7 billion people too!

    You will be either bought nor sold any more!


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