The Plan – A Manifesto

The Plan to restore the great Republic of the United States of America, a manifesto.

This plan has become a necessary eventuality as the government of the United States of America has been overtaken by a criminal cabal of foreign and domestic bankers. This takeover is the definition of fascism: ” a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above
the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition” as well as where corporate and government interests begin working in unison. The ultimate proof of this take over, among many other indicators, is the banking bailouts first enacted by George W. Bush and continued by Obama and his administration.

This ultimate form of fascism is a clear attack on the people of the USA. For many years now, and more evident over the course of recent years, the people have watched the erosion of their Constitution through draconian laws passed by corrupt elected officials.

This systematic takeover began in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. The act was deceptively introduced by means of manipulation and deceit, and its validity has been argued for years due to the lack of ratification necessary by two thirds of the states. Misinformation and manipulation stating that the Federal Reserve would stabilize the US economy could not have been further from the truth. After each engineered economic crash the bankers gained more and more control of the US government as well as increased their individual wealth at the expense of the American people who lost more and more of their individual rights and overall wealth, eventually leading to their becoming indentured servants to the bankers and the monetary state.

In 1933, the United States Government declared bankruptcy in 1933 which is what led to the creation of the federal deficit. The last banking bailouts are a clear robbery of the American people and most likely the end of the USA the way we know it. Some would say that this proves that capitalism is a failure and this would be correct if the monetary system in the US was a free market capitalist system but nothing could be
further from the truth. Just having a central bank loaning our government money for interest coupled with the right of the Fed to control the issue of money as well as the nation’s interests rates are a clear violation of anti-trust laws and proof of fascist coercion.

Especially considering how unnecessary the Fed is when our government can mint and regulate its own money supply interest free as prescribed in the Constitution of the United States of America. This plan is a response to the act of war against the American people in addition
to the rest of the free world by the Federal Reserve, the IMF and the World Bank. This plan’s purpose is to fully restore the Constitution of the United States of America as well as return all past economic and political safeguards.

1. First and foremost the Constitutional protections for the people of the United States of America to be fully restored through removal of any and all policies that contradict such Constitutional protections such as but not limited to the Homeland Security and Patriot Acts.

2. ALL US military troops are to return home immediately and all military campaigns are to cease immediately. The United States is officially not at war with anyone. All foreign US military bases will be deserted as all military personnel and equipment are ordered to return home to US soil to help with the transfer of power from the criminal cabal back to the people. Unfortunately the shareholders of the Federal Reserve feel they own our military as well as military’s abroad and may attempt to interfere in this restoration of the republic. This is why we need our military to return home as this is an action of the people by the people. Upon their return, military personnel will be asked to renew their oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Any military units that refuse to return home and/or refuse to abide by their oath will be considered traitors and an enemy of the people of the United States of America, and will therefore be immediately discharged from their military position. Be aware that the powers that be would rather see the United States burn rather than lose control over her.

3. In order to restore the republic we must remove the entity that is responsible for a vast majority of our problems in this country and that is the Federal Reserve Bank. Therefore we must seize the Federal Reserve and arrest all managers, supervisors, owners, and shareholders. Those who are under management will be given the opportunity to leave of their own free wil, or to aide us in this seizure, being that they are also slaves of the system as much as the rest of us. This must be done quickly and swiftly in order to stop them from attempting to destroy records.
Please note there are several Federal Reserve Banks throughout the United States. We are counting on the local Sheriffs to perform this task but any and all citizens are welcome in helping the Sheriffs in the seizure of the Federal Reserve especially if the Sheriffs refuse to lend their support.

4. In addition to the Federal Reserve the entire federal government must also be seized and all who work for it arrested as well and/or at the very least investigated. All elected and appointed officials must be removed as the corruption of the Federal Reserve has assuredly spread from the federal government down to state and local governments. This means that ALL elected and appointed officials throughout the entire
United States must be removed including all election board members. Once the officials are removed the people must re-elect essential government officials within 90 days in order to stave off unrest.

5. Temporary rules for holding office must be enacted during the elections to eliminate the conflict of interest that adversely affects our current situation. We believe these rules should be that anyone running for office not to have any personal vested monetary interest in the current government, its constituents, or affiliates. These affiliations also include connections to corporate interests, lobbyists, or their organizations. This is to be a temporary rule until the newly elected government can create safeguards to restrict the abilities of those who would seek personal gain, wealth, or power at the expense of the people.

6. We must restore the safeguards our founders placed on government and corporate dealings such as but not limited to: removing the privately owned central banking system; restoring certain provisions of the Glass Stegal Act; revoking all corporate charters; rescinding corporate personage; etc. This means all US and foreign corporate entities doing business within or with the United States are to have their charter put up for review to the individual states in which they reside within 6 months. These charters must show beyond a shadow of a doubt the company’s positive value to the public interest or be dissolved. An additional safeguard should be that all CEOs, CFO’s, and the like as well as all board members of ALL corporations within the US be fired and replaced with non-executive personnel elected by the employees of the company with each employee having an equal vote and shareholders not being permitted a vote. A corporation will have the right to dissolve itself under the condition that all employees and shareholders be given equal share in the company in accordance with past corporate charter revocations. This will be to equalize the power balance of the companies and either help facilitate
their dissolution or the reinstatement of their charter. ALL corporations, management, and shareholders will be fully investigated even after dissolution.

7. All public works will be returned to the people and may never operate as corporate entities ever again. We have ample resources to ensure that our public works safeguard our citizens right to use them. Our public works must never be allowed to shut down and we the people are counting on the people of the public works system to ensure that they do not.

We believe this transfer of power can and will be peaceful. However it is possible that the criminal cabal will resist and attempt to use UN and other foreign military troops, as well as hired mercenaries or other violent means, to quell the restoration of the republic.

This is why we will request assistance from US citizens in possession of firearms to help ensure that a foreign power not be able to gain any sort of military advantage on US soil, as was the original intent of the system of elected Sheriffs implementation of a posse.
In addition to the returned US military we believe this will be sufficient military protection for the people of the republic.

In restoring our free market and establishing a new system, resources will be sufficient as to insure the people’s needs for adequate access to basic necessities. We acknowledge the necessity of the continuation of certain businesses and services, such as water, food, utilities, transportation, etc…, for the continuity of society.

Therefore, the people can be assured that they will not be adversely affected unless found to be acting in the interest of those who would serve to undermine this transition, or acting out of the desire for personal profit or gain in opposition to the public well-being.

This is a monumental task and will take time to resolve but all legal debts will be paid and all legal business interests will be protected. Of the main priorities and focus is to restore family’s ability to farm again, as opposed to the current corporate structure, as well as to rebuild our infrastructure as being public works for the public good as opposed to being for corporate profit and greed.

By restoring these basic essentials, liberties, freedoms, and rights to the people, we will begin the process toward a society for the public good.

  1. i hope this works! it has to or the planet is doomed. we are doomed.

  2. tsb1954 says:

    I and several friends from CA are planning on being in D.C, Nov 4th. We Are The 99%.

  3. V says:

    ive dreamed of this. last year and the year before i have encouraged the people to remember NOVEMBER 5TH!!!!!!!!! WHAT SCARES ME MOST IS PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP????????!!!!!!

  4. eyesspy says:

    Anonymous should get the occupy protesters on this march Efforts to this end must be done.
    if Nov 5th comes and goes, them the meme must soldier on making every day Nov 5th. So in december (5th) go after the robbers and so on until Nov 2013 if needs be. We have to show that we are determined and disciplined. during the time frame the people will be waking up and if this push is ongoing then it will happen

  5. Dark Seducer says:

    As much as I would love to see this happen, and it truly needs to because we, this nation as well as the entire world, have been taken over by psychopaths who care only about personal profit and nothing about the long term well being of the people of this planet or the health of our environment, I fear that although it is nearly too late to do anything about it, it is also too early because far too many people are still under the effects of the mass brainwashing that has been going on for over 100 years. It will not be a revolution as you describe in your manifesto, it will be a civil war. The extreme right who supports the corporatocracy has been not only preparing for this event for a very long time, they have also been doing everything in their power to instigate it. Blackwater was no accident, Eric Prince is an extreme wingnut who has been qouted as saying that he “will rid the world of all non-christians”, which is code for, ridding the world of anyone who doesn’t conform to corporatism. Blackwater is now owned by Monsanto which has been under the control of the extreme right since it’s inception. The Dominion Group, which is part of C. Peter Wagner’s, New Apostolic Reformation, controls a good portion of our for-profit prison system. And our police forces, especially in our major cities, have been taken over by violent rightwing sadists who would love nothing more than to bust the skulls of any “liberals” who try to go up against the corrupt system that pumps billions into their coffers every year.

    We see the streets or Europe, as well as Central and South America filled with millions of people all seeking to bring this corrupt system to it’s knees, BUT, America is a much different beast. The propaganda machine is so deeply entrenched in our way of life that more than half the population believes this is the only way to live, that the enslavement of the poor and the plundering of other nations resources are warranted because they believe we are somehow entitled to it for “bringing democracy to the rest of the world”, which of course we did not do. The propaganda machine has them so filled with plastic patriotism and fervent nationalism that they are blinded to the fact that we installed ruthless puppet dictators who beat their people into submission so that we could force a broken economic model down their throat, not an ideology. The machine has our nation so divided that we are on the verge of a civil war as we speak. Before you could get enough people in the streets to make a difference they would have you labeled as anarchists and terroirsts and every Fox news watching redneck in the country would be loading up his assualt rifle, pumped up with Monster energy drinks and tasting “liberal” blood.

    I know we are very short on time, but moving too soon will be the death of your cause and it would be another 100 years before enough people began to once again awaken from the hypnotism to begin the fight again. You must first counteract the propaganda so that the people can see you for the patriots that you are rather than the terrorists the machine will label you as. The internet has provided us with the once in a lifetime opportunity to do that, and that is why they want so badly to control it, so they can shut us up before enough people wake from the trance they them under. But they too are using the internet to control those who are already under their spell. One of the main problems is that most who oppose any sort of racidcal change to our system are too far gone to deporgram, their brains have literally turned to mush, they have been turned into heavily armed, hyperviolent, easily manipulated Zombies that the forces of evil (the extreme right) will use to squash any movement that threatens their complete and total domination. To have any hope of postive change you must first bring their propaganda machine to it’s knees so that more people can awaken from the trance prior to making your move. As it stands now, we are split down the middle with most of the money and nearly all of the military on the opposite side of what we know to be the only logical path forward for the human race.

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